The Fourth Grade 4-1-1

Week of January 4, 2016

The teachers say...

Happy New (keep practicing math facts) Year!

Important Dates:

January 4 - Back to School!

January 14 - Cornelia Connelly Mass (Concert Dress)

January 15 - Spelling Test

January 18 - No school

January 20 - Field Trip: Walt Disney Concert Hall

January 26 - Social Studies Presentation with PBS host Joel Greene

January is Mosaic Month - see note below.


Math: We will begin Topic 7, which continues to challenge students with multiplication, rounding/estimating and multiple-step problems.

Spelling/Writing: Compound words - test on January 15

English: Frequently confused words and informational writing.

Science: We have begun our study of cetaceans!. Ask your 4th grader about it!

Social Studies: This morning the kids went on a "Gallery Walk" to introduce our new unit and learn a little about the early parts of southern California. Our focus for this packet is California ranchos and the Mexican War for Independence.

Mosaic Month

Requesting Parent Volunteers:

January is Mosaic Month at MJS and we need you!

Mosaic Month is a beautiful celebration of the cultural diversity that exists in our community and we rely on our parent volunteers to help make it happen. The culminating event is the International Heritage Fair on Friday, January 29th. If you are interested in either creating a cultural table for the fair or in helping out behind the scenes, please contact Ms. Myvonwynn Hopton as soon as possible. Thank you!

Grandparents' Day 2016

Please mark your calendars! It may seem early, but Mayfield’s annual Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ day is right around the corner. We look forward to welcoming the ones we love on February 12, 2016. This is a special tradition, a day when Grandparents or Special Family Friends join students on campus for Mass and classroom activities. To insure we get an invitation to your child's special guest, please fill out the form here if this is your first year at MJS (or there are changes to the addresses from last year's invitation mailing):

Thank you,

Nicole Dixon & Tina Yates

Medical Information

It is still the time for colds, coughs, and the flu! Please remember to keep your child home if they exhibit any symptoms. Children MUST be fever-free for24 hours before returning to school. Thank you for your cooperation!

Safety First!

Please remember to email the teachers if your child is going home with a friend at the end of the day...especially if they are in another class. Having this information helps avoid chaos at the end of the day and is ultimately for your child's safety. Thank you!

Christmas Party!

Thank you to all fourth grade parents who helped with our craft and party. The kids had a blast!