Mrs.G's Newsletter

January 28, 2016

Week One is Almost Over!

We are almost through our very first week together as a class. I think it is safe to say that we have learned a lot about each other and how we all operate. I keep saying, "We are learning about each other, this is good!"


We are finishing up our unit on money this Friday! Monday we are starting two digit subtraction. This is a big and challenging unit in second grade. We will tackle regrouping about midway through the unit.

Social Studies

Our unit of Economics started on Monday! We have been talking about how this affects the world and the economies within it. We looked into Rio De Janeiro's economy and the gap between the income levels. We have also started talking about goods and services.


We have started a new unit of writing! We are writing informational texts on topics that we are experts in. Next week students will choose a topic to begin writing. We have begun this unit by exploring nonfiction texts and noticing and naming text features. We have talked about the importance of them and why some books have different text features than others.


We have focused a lot of our shared reading time on books about kindness. How can we show kindness to our classmates and family? How can we value people? Mrs. Beckman, our guidance counselor, read a book about a class that implemented a "peace week" and we have talked about what they would look like in our class.

It has been a big week! I am ready for week 2!

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