4 wks to f.i.t.

focus. implement. transform

What's in it for you?

  • 4 wks of a repeatable pattern of exercise with performance tracking
  • 1 hr of heart pumping full-body conditioning (1/wk or 2/wk)
  • feel energized, confident, strong and as a bonus: look great!
  • build strength, endurance, flexibility and enjoy improved overall wellness
  • share experiences, make new friends, & have FUN
  • learn tricks, tips, proper form and technique for safe, effective, and efficient training
  • new! Access to The f.i.t. Lounge; network with other f.i.t. ladies for motivation & support

Want more?

  • Private Personal Training discounted rates available for Shan's f.i.t. Girls
  • f.i.t. exclusive offers and discounts on Perfect Nutrition products

What are YOUR goals?

Let's f.i.t. em' in!

Meet your f.i.t. maker

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Schwinn certified spin instructor
  • 2x provincial qualified natural figure fitness competitor
  • Mother of 3 active kiddos
  • Transformation story of my own! We all have a story & I can't wait to hear YOURS!