Hot Shot


What pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘contest’? Is it the great prizes that grabs your interest or is it the fun, challenge, anticipation and excitement of getting the correct answer to the contest question? The thrill of trying to find a solution to a contest question can be stimulating and once you’ve grasped the answer your adrenalin kicks in and you’re on a high. What a great feeling! The thrill of winning is what keeps us looking for and entering contests, being able to enter a contest without purchasing anything is an extra bonus from Hot Shot Times.

Contests where no purchase is necessary are rare, would you love it if a NO purchase necessary contest became a regular event? Hot Shot Times, a new bi-weekly community magazine that is just hitting the streets, brings to you a contest in every bi-weekly issue. This magazine caters to communities within British Columbia. You can also find a soft copy of each issue of this magazine at www.hotshottimes.com Hot Shot Times’s website.

When you go to Hot Shot Times’s website you’ll find the current issue’s contest, along with fun and informative articles and features. Moreover, Hot Shot Times will help you learn more about your own local businesses and the community you live in.

Coming back to the contests, they are not just a regular feature for fun, Hot Shot Times’s contests promise an array of exciting prizes to be won in every bi-weekly draw. There’s also an Annual Grand Prize which is too GRAND to be missed.

Have we peeked your interest? If you would like to know more about Hot Shot Times’s bi-weekly contests or how to be eligible for the Annual Grand Prize draw visit us at www.hotshottimes.com.