Oakdale Board Meeting Highlights

Oakdale Board of Education Meeting | October 11, 2022

Highlights from the Agenda

MEMBERS PRESENT: Todd Corbin, Erin Hulsey, Kimber Shoop

RECOGNITIONS: Oakdale's "Shining Stars"

Each month the board will honor a student, teacher, staff member, parent volunteer, or donor in order to showcase various examples of excellence being accomplished at Oakdale School. This month Mr. Corbin recognized Mrs. Lisa Pitts for her extra efforts in organizing our first Family STEAM Night last spring


Mrs. Jill Wilguess, a 4th-grade teacher, read aloud a letter to the board on behalf of the certified faculty. She expressed thanks for the consideration of their request to help serve on the new superintendent search committee. They are preparing a list of possible teacher representatives. The letter suggested that three certified teachers represent the faculty on the search committee.


  • Approved minutes of the September 13, 2022 regular board meeting.
  • Approved minutes of the September 29, 2022 special board meeting.
  • Accepted Treasurer's Report including: Financial statements, fund balances, expenditures, revenue, warrants, bank summary, bond reports, and investments) for the month ending September 30, 2022.
  • Approved Encumbrances: General Fund Payments #476-#633; Building Fund Payments #51-#71; Activity Fund #28-#75; and Bond 36 Payments #9-#12


Mrs. Lauren Branscum, Gifted &Talented Coordinator, presented the GT District Plan for 2022-23. She offered an additional explanation about the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and the "Enrichment Cluster" initiative offered next semester to all K-8 students. See link below.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The board entered into executive session to:
A.) Discuss hiring of certified personnel as listed in Exhibit A
B.) Discuss the hiring of a Superintendent
C.) Discuss real estate matters and investigate potential land acquisition

  • Voted to convene in executive session.
  • Acknowledged the board's return to open session.
  • Executive Session compliance announcement made


  • Approved the personnel report as listed in Exhibit A
  • No action on Item 9.2 (the process of hiring a Superintendent).
  • Approved authorizing board president Todd Corbin to enter into a contract with the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC) to assist the Board of Education in the Superintendent search process.

The board members shared comments about additional topics discussed:
  • The process for the search and selection process is not yet defined;
  • The board will take a systematic approach and will communicate updates with the community in a clear and succinct manner;
  • The board will hold a special meeting in executive session on October 28th at 3PM with the OPSRC representative to further define the process and establish guidelines;
  • An update on the process will be given at the regular meeting on November 8, 2022.
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