Mark gilfillian


The location of grasslands are in every continent accept Antarctica because Antarctica does not allow grass to grow because it is nothing but snow and ice all over the place.

General characteristics

Grasslands lack trees and bushes so not many creatures that like to hide do not live there just grazing animals live there such as zebra and bison

Weather and climate

Continental climates of the middle latitudes typically have 10 and 20 inches of precipitation each year.


In the winter temperatures in the grasslands can be -40 and in the summer it can be 70 degrees Fahrenheit if it gets up to 70 that is hot in the grasslands.


The precipitation is so erratic that drought and fire prevent large Forrest's from growing there is hardly any rain in the grasslands.


There are tall grasses nere the Rocky Mountains because there is more water located by the mountains than any other location.

Body's of water

Body's of water in the grasslands is also called a steppe there are not many body's of water in the grasslands.


There are some canyons but not many in the grasslands because there are not that many mountains in the grasslands to be a canyon.


There are a little bit of islands in grasslands because there is a little water but not much because there are a lot of droughts in the summer there.


There are coyotes, eagles, bobcats, the gray wolf, wild turkey, fly catcher, Canadian geese in the grasslands because it is there kind of habitat there.


Buffalo grass, sunflower, crazy weed, aster, cone flowers, golden rods, clover, wild indigos buffalo grass is there because buffaloes like to eat that kind of grass.

Catastrophic events

There was an 8 year old drought and great dust storms because there is hardly any rain and that is why there are so many droughts in the grasslands.

Human impact

Humans impact the grasslands because they catch the land on fire. And they cut down the crops that grow there to.

School tube video about grasslands

The video tells you about the temperatures in the summer and in the winter in the grasslands and it tells you about how humans Impact the envirment in the grasslands and it tells you about the giraffe and other animals and plants there.