The 2K15 Party Kit

Introducing the Newest Product in the 2K15 line!

The BEST party kit you will EVER buy!!

As a party in a box, we at the 2K15 party guide know that the 21st century has changed the way parties are run. No longer are you spending your time talking on and on with the annoying people next to you. Instead, the party is all about keeping up with your social media to see what everyone else is doing, while posting pictures so everyone else knows what fun you are having! That is why we have your needs covered at 2K15.

Ever have your phone die at parties and forgot your charger? Or have you wanted to take the perfect Instagram pic there but didn't have the right spot? The 2K15 Party Kit is the best accompaniment to any party as it includes the ONLY things that make a party better: including chargers, a built in WiFi hotspot, a solo card game for the guest that won't stop talking, a selfie stick, green screen, props. It makes entertaining a breeze!

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Our motto is if you plan to party, party like you have no plan!

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Worried About Entering the New Century Psychologically Damaged?

Professor Arthur Swartezengiehan Fraudistein has studied this new development in parties social interaction and is about to publish a paper on his findings. He has learned that while eye to eye contact may create meaningful bonds, facilitate better conversation and improve the average life span, communicating to another person instead of a screen is not completely beneficial.* The constant contact with a phone is able to not only strengthening not only figure muscles, but also security as an individual can know exactly what is going on in the world around them at any given moment. ** Putting the phone down may lead an individual to miss an important tweet, post or snap, and the 2k15 party pack is there to make sure no text goes unread within thirty seconds of being received. Informed guests are happy guests, and happy guests make a happy host, giving you more popularity and better selfies of all the fun you are having at your party.

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All we request is a small payment of $59.99 to get this show on the road.

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The 2K15 party line is proud to host all of your other festive occasions. We have products for your next birthday party and wedding reception and bachelor party and vernal equinox bashes and major holidays and political parties. Find us in major retailers nationwide!

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