Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits and Drwabacks of IT systems

The drawbacks of developing your IT system is that it will cost a lot of money to update your equipment where as if you just outsource the work to another company you wont have to buy in the new equipment and train the staff how to work it. another drawback is the legal issues if the company dont have the new technology there could end up being some attacks on your data. also another drawback is that if you dont develope your IT systems you wonr be able to keep up with the competetors then your company will go bust.

Benefits of developing your IT systems are you will be able to increase your profits because you will be up to date with all the new technology, you will have better quality products by having new machines to make them. there will be cost reductions because you wont have to pay other companies to do the work for you. by having better IT systems it will gain more customers because you will be able to make more new things. rather than having individual reports for every department there is just one big data base that everyone can input there information in to.