Mrs. McGarry's Classroom News

Grade 5 ELA/ Social Studies


* Book Reports for Historical Fiction have begun to come home with grades. One class has almost been completely finished. I was really pleased with the projects. They came out great!!

** The Social Studies test will be upcoming in the next few weeks. This week the students will receive a copy of the test's study guide. Within class, I will begin discussing best studying strategies when approaching study guides to help the student study for this test and all tests to help improve their grades with regards to social studies tests. Test taking can be challenging so we will take time during class to practice and study. I will also send home some home strategies as well to help at home.

This Week's Curriculum in ELA


This week, within my focus lessons, we will be learning about literary element of plot, which consists of the exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action. This is important to understand as we delve further into our novel discussions with "Loser" by Jerry Spinelli. We will also be practicing small group book discussion with that book with given topics to discuss. Very exciting!! Within my teaching small groups, I will reinforce the literary elements connections and discuss those with their individual reading books and articles.


This week, students will continue to finish up their rough drafts for their informational topic. They will be working on completing the finishing touches on their research and rough drafts to begin their final drafts. One student has already finished her final draft and it looked fantastic!! Long, hard work paid off...

This Week's Social Studies Curriculum

Students analyze the positive and negative consequences to this "Columbian Exchange" through an article that has opinion statements the students will analyze. They will use IPADS to look up facts to support the opinion whether pro or con and give evidence to support their case either way.

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