The Milky Way Galaxy

What's the Brightest Object in the Gramma-ray Sky?

The brightest object in the Gramma-ray sky is the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Where does gramma rays come from? Also how much percent?

That 75% of gramma rays come from our amazing galaxy, from these so called cosmic-ray Interactions.

What give the GLAST team of science a golden chance to study The Milky Way?

Wel the very bright Gramma-ray glows give the GLAST team a very nice chance ti start studying about the composition, structure also they like to study the dynamics of the intersteller material pervades home galaxy.

Name Six Types of Particles Energy Sorces.

First Electro Potons then Electrons, and Electro magnetic radiation, magnetic fields. Though most of these have not been accurately measured.

How Many Moons are in the Solar System?

There are 27 moons in our solar system, is that amazing or what. Now let's see how much each planet has. Of course Earth has one moon, Mars has two they are pretty small those two moons mars has now let's continue Jupiter has four, now those four look pretty big for a moon. Saturn has nine moons. Wow. Uranus has six moons. There's Neptune with two moons. Last but not least there's the smallest planet named... Pluto woth one moon. Now for the last one it's Astroid with two planets. A wopping 27 planets total

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