ITLS Newsletter

March 13, 2015


Hwy 21 Presenters Needed: Our 7th annual Highway 21 Conference will be here before you know it. We want YOU to present at this year’s conference! Come share your best practices and collaborate with other educators. Presentations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level users all welcome. For more information, click here!

If you are trying to decide what to present, Google stuff is huge. If you love add ons we know many people don't even know how amazing and fun they are! Any integration ideas for using Google would be great.

April Meeting Preparation: We will be spending a chunk of time sharing data pertaining to how you assessed your students’ digital literacy skills this year. Please bring examples of student work that demonstrate digital literacy skills.

Please consider the following questions

  • Which students did you assess and which Digital Literacy Skills does the assessment measure?

  • How did you choose the assessment?

  • How does the student work you brought in demonstrate their proficiency in Digital Literacy?

  • How did you collect the data? (After classroom teacher assessed? separate from project assessment? formative and summative?)

We will be using the Atlas protocol to examine student work. Link to Atlas protocol Info for more information.
DL/TL Showcase Presentations: We will be continuing the DL/TL showcase at our April meeting, so be ready to talk about your slide if we have not covered it already.

April Meeting Optional Afternoon Session Agenda: If you choose to attend the afternoon session on 4/14, you will have the opportunity to attend 3 one hour sessions of your choice as listed below:

1. Collaboration


-inquiry project exemplars - mini lessons, etc.

-examples of tech integration

2. Destiny

3. Folletshelf

4. Doctopus & Goobric

5. Middle School only: Worldbook Screencast Work Time

If you have not filled out the form letting us know if you are coming to the optional afternoon session, please do so through this form link.

Using ETS: For those of you who use ETS for book transfers: If you are doing an ETS request, please make sure to put in a critical date if you need to have it delivered by a specific date. This is especially true for textbook lending and borrowing.