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Adventure Aquarium Field Trip on 3/8

Our trip was a huge success despite the little bit of snow that delayed our arrival time. The children arrived and explored for about 20 minutes prior to eating lunch. After lunch they visited the hippos, the sharks, and the abnormal creatures of the sea. Among the most popular were the giant octopus, the sea dragon, and the moray eel. The day came to a close with a great 3-D film entitled "The Last Reef". It was a fascinating documentary about the danger our reefs are in and how each individual can make a difference to promote regrowth. A special thank you to our Home and School for offsetting some of the cost involved with this spectacular trip.


We have just completed our imaginary trip to the Southeast region of our country. The kids have enjoyed learning about the history of texas, the Battle at the Alamo, and how Oklahoma became know as the "sooner" state. Our quiz will be on Tuesday, March 19. The kids have taken excellent notes this unit and will be allowed to use them during the quiz. They can review all of the material at

Some Great Snapshots From Science Alive

FOURTH GRADE - Learning, Reflecting, and Setting Goals for the Future


As we prepare for our upcoming conferences, please take some time to help your child reflect on their progress. Portfolios are due back on Monday but if you need additional time, please just send me an e-mail. I look forward to meeting with you soon!