Omaha Nebraska

Created by Zach Gulizia

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Omaha Nebraska is basically in the middle of the United States of America

Omaha is experiencing a late winter.

The average highs and lows are 43° and 23° . Omaha, due to its latitude of 41.26˚ N and location far from water or mountain ranges, displays a humid continental climate and a dry winter. Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska is in the tornado alley making it prone to tornadoes but is far away from water so no hurricanes can get there. Omaha is far away from any oceans causing shifts in weather to be less extreme as coastal cities. If Omaha was moved to the ocean its weather would change more.
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The latitude is 41˚ and is slightly closer to the equator than the north pole. The south westerly winds are the winds that mostly affect Omaha.

Weather for the week.

The season is late winter in Omaha. The highest temperature was 38 and the lowest was -11. The highest winds were 16.8 and the direction usually was north. It snowed only a little bit on Saturday no more than a couple inches. The humidity started in the high 50's and gradually went up to the high 60's and low 70's. My contact person was my grandma. She said it was "pretty cold."