By Robert Reifsteck


are never-before-seen mental movie features captivating characters wrapped in a plot so original and unlikely, yet so intricate and so seemingly real, that the viewer later marvels at its creation.

Lucid Dreams

are when a person dreaming becomes aware that he is dreaming, and is able to influence or control what happens.

Dreams as unconscious wishes theory

dreams are an attempt to satisfy sexual and aggressive impulses that we cannot satisfy when we are awake.

Manifest Content

Is the plot of the dream: who’s in the dream, what happens, and so on.

Latent Content

The underlying, more hidden, but true meaning of a dream

Dreams as Reflection Theory (Problem Focused Approach)

Freud used psychoanalysis to see the issues of people's dreams like nightmares. Made connections with the bad dreams and bad things in peoples past.

Dreams as Housekeeping Theory

During sleep, the brain shuts out sensory input so it can process what was stored in memory during the day.Dreams are just brief glimpses of our brains sorting,scanning,and searching through memories

Dreams as Brain Activity Theory (Activation-Synthesis Theory)

Dreams result from random activation of brain cells responsible for eye movement, muscle development, balance, and vision.The brain then combines this activity with existing knowledge and memories as if the signals came from the environment.,
Why Do We Dream?