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Kaitlyn Thomas


Do you ever stop and think were you're meat came from? Well you're meat comes from unsanitary meat packing plants. The animals get treated terribly, they get crushed together, their so tightly packed in the buildings that they can't even move. They get feed horrible mixtures to make the animals fat. The workers don't care about the animals health, like feeding them their natural food source. They just care about making them fat. They want the animals to grow fast, so they make the mixture with fattening ingredients. This mixture is going to make the animal grow fast but not make the meat taste better.

There is a farm that raises chickens and they raise their chickens in the chickens natural habitat. They have chicken coops and they let their chickens eat their natural food source, grass, bugs, and corn. Since they raise the chicken correctly and feed them right, their chickens taste way better, it just a longer time for them to get big enough. It does not take the meat packing plant longer to grow their chickens because of the mixture they feed them, their chickens might be bigger but their chickens are a lot younger and do not taste better.

I mean I love some good tasting meat, I eat meat everyday. But its sad how they bump off the animals at the meat packing plants, just because you are going to kill them does not mean you have to show it. You don't have to hit them or make them sufferer. Animals have feelings too.


I hope woman are getting the same amount of rights as men. I hope women are allowed to vote, and have any job a male can have. Women should not be treated like maids or servants.

This period of time women go to jail if you get out of line, and if you go on a hunger strike you get tied down to a chair while they put a tube down you're throat to feed you raw scrambled eggs.

I really hope woman get some rights in the country someday. After everything all these women have done, I hope the president, government, and citizens of America see what we are capable of.


Alice Paul


Wilson has an idea to protect the nation following the WWI. Germany and Mexico are going to negotiate by saying, if you side with Germany then you can get a little of United States. The two countries are going to join together.


A secret group called the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists who know westerns as boxers, went after missionaries and Chinese Christians. June 1900, boxers laid siege to the capital city of Beijing and became the Boxer Rebellion.


The president hired artist to create posters to get more men join the army. The posters gave off a bad vibe so many Americans started to distrust the Germans. Some schools stopped teach about Germany and symphonies stopped playing German music.



President Coolidge had a reputation for honesty after firing officials suspected of corruptions. He believed that the power of business would help America's growth. Therefore he limited government and stopped Congress plans to help farmers. He worked to decrease industry regulations with the belief they would fund charities.


In the 1920's there were some women that were called flappers. Women started to get some rights so they celebrated by shortening their hair and dresses. They started a dance to show off their ankles and it looked like they were flapping so they were known as the flappers.
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Babe Ruth "The King of Swing" was passionate for the game of baseball very early. He started playing baseball for the Yankee's when he was only 19 years old. He was very good at pitching and he had a successful first season in 1916, but during the fall of 1946 he discovered a tumor in his neck and his health went down, he passed away in 1948.