Wanted! Escape From Alcatraz, 1962

By Ben Schwarz

Did they get away?

Modern day evidence

below is the link to the memorandum from the fbi. The most recent evidence can be found on a History Channel documentary that shows pictures of the Anglin brothers in 1975

Theories and explainations

There are 2 main theories; they either escaped or they didn't. I believe that they made it off the island alive. The FBI found no evidence of a successful escape, but they didn't find any for an unsuccessful escape either. (Great escape, 2005)
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Grand answer

They may have gotten away, they may not have. There is no strong evidence to support either.
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Historical background

This was the time of muscle cars and drive-ins. In San Francisco Bay there was commotion. An escape attempt had happened! It had been thwarted though. How is such a secure prison so dangerous? You wonder. Brazil, 1962... An escape attempt has happened, this one deemed successful! You wonder who it was when your tv shows a picture. You know them! Those were your neighbors growing up! You hear through the black market that they are coming to Brazil. You decide to go to a bar for a drink when you see them. "John and Clarence?" You call out. Both heads turn. "Brizzi, Fred Brizzi." You say as they come over. You embrace like old friends and talk. This is what Fred Brizzi, an Anglin family friend, said happened.

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