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Nurturing Potential, Sustaining Support

Welcome Young Scholars Parents!

I'm so glad you can be a part of helping to kick-off our first parent newsletter! I invite you to come learn more about Young Scholars and discover information, resources, and opportunities to help your Young Scholar grow!

Young Scholars 101

So, at this point you may be asking yourself, "What is Young Scholars anyway?"

Young Scholars was originally created in 2001 by Dr. Carol Horn in Fairfax County, Virginia. Dr. Horn knew that there were students in her schools not being recognized for their bright promise and creative and complex ways of thinking. Young Scholars was developed as a way to find those students and foster their capabilities. Since then, schools across the country have been using Dr. Horn's strategies to learn more about different ways of thinking and to better help all students realize their potential.

Young Scholars focuses on increasing access to resources, affirmation of self, and advocates in and out of school to help students reach their potential.

Big picture

833 Young Scholars currently works with first and second grade students in selected schools providing learning experiences that strengthen basic skills and require students to think and apply knowledge at higher, more complex levels. Young Scholars students use stories, puzzles and games to learn more about different ways of thinking in order to grow critical and creative thinking skills.

The primary goal of 833 Young Scholars is to raise students’ personal expectations, support family involvement, and prepare students for more challenging and rigorous coursework in later grades.

833 Young Scholars continues to develop and evolve based on the changing needs of our students.

We are excited to introduce the Young Scholars program in 833!

What to Expect

For My Child


  • Young Scholars will participate in a variety of creative and complex thinking lessons and activities throughout the the year.

Affirmation and Advocates

  • In-class student support will be provided within large- group, small-group or individual settings.

For Me...

Access and Affirmation

  • Monthly newsletters for parents will contain information, resources, and opportunities to help affirm and support children at home.


  • Have a question? Want to learn more about 833 Young Scholars? Know a great resource for our newsletter? Feel free to contact me!

Colleen Redmond



The More You Know...

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Check It Out!

Information, Resources and Opportunities for Your Young Scholar

April Resources

  • Finding ‘just right’ books that get kids excited about reading can be tough. Biblionasium helps kids (and parents and teachers, too:) find, organize, write about, and recommend great books!

  • Here’s another great reading site! Epic is an online app that connects your child to thousands of eBooks. The only downside is it does require a monthly fee. However, it’s free for teachers and their students!

About Me

Hi All!

My name is Colleen Redmond, and I'm excited to introduce myself as your Young Scholars advocate and lead teacher!

I'm a mom of two teenagers (yikes!), a wife, small business owner, avid biker (the pedal kind), book enthusiast, and beekeeper. Plus, on top of all of that, I have the happy job of implementing and growing the Young Scholars program here in 833!

I've been lucky enough to teach in South Washington County Schools for the past twenty-five years and have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the lives of students and families in my classroom.

Now, as we launch Young Scholars, my path in education is taking on a whole new and wonderful life. I am so very excited to work with and support you and your Young Scholar. I can't wait to see where the journey takes us!

Contact Information

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, thoughts, or needs!

Colleen Redmond