My Teacher for Priesdent

By:Antonius strong

Have you ever imagined seeing your teacher up there giving one of those Presidential speeches?I will Ms. Seymour will be a great President. She treats everyone fair, she's trying something new everyday, she's smart when something is hard she keeps trying in she gets it. Ms. Seymour makes everyone happy. when I'm down she ask me what's wrong in I tell her in she will say something like why did the man cross the road. Ms. Seymour goes to a lot of place's to meat with teachers I mean a lot, she likes everything neat. Ms. Seymour never gives up she always try even if the work is hard, in when she's working with paper she will not eat ribs, in she makes sure everyone understand what she's saying. At the end she will try to use the grill in blow the white house down, with her food I am going to keep coming back for that,MS.Seymour will be swank.