I Am Rincewind

I am a Wizzard

I chose Rincewind because he is the first major character you meet in the disc world books, and he cant get away from adventure no matter what he does. you would need to read the books he is in to fully understand the ridicules things that happen to him.

"The Colour of Magic", "The Light Fantastic", "Sourcery", "Eric", "Interesting Times", "Interesting Times", "The Last Hero" and "The Science of Discworld 1-3" by Terry Pratchet

I am a Wizzard.

I am not a hero.

I am a hero.

I am a coward.

I am still a coward.

I make problems worse.

I somehow fix them.

I am a Wizzard.

I have saved the disc.

I have saved the disc again.

I have saved the disc a third time.

I have fallen off the disc twice.

I have meet Death many times.

I have meet the great barbarian heroes.

I have gone through time and other dimensions.

I am a Wizzard