Venture Network Verticals

Thursday, July 10th, 2014, powered by IE Business School

Vertical: Food & Beverage

The Venture Network Verticals have been a huge success and we aren't stopping yet. After last month's Cloud Computing Vertical, IE is pleased to announce our next yummy event, Food & Beverage on July 10th.

The three selected projects will pitch to a great panel of industry experts, investors, and an audience packed with interested observers of the sector.

Each start-up will have 7 minutes to pitch their project and then we'll have 7 minutes of Q&A from our panel as well as our audience.

More details on the three start-ups that will be pitching, along with the panel of experts will come soon. If you are interested in presenting and you have a start-up within the Food & Beverage space you can apply here.

Startups is the first Web / Smartphone / Tablet platform that financially rewards its users who create recipes and share them with everyone.

Internet users post their recipes along with photos on The proposed recipes are then validated by the team’s moderators, some of the best known culinary bloggers in France.

The major bonus is that you can be financially rewarded for your recipes!

Shopping Leeks

Restaurants have between 9 and 30 suppliers and spend 4 hours a week buying and ordering food and beverages.

Distributors receive the orders from restaurateurs in person, by phone, Whatsapp (more than 50%) and sometimes by email and fax. They sell thousands of products of several brands. Communication errors are common and tend to waste salesforce time and petrol.

We have developed an Android, IOS and Web App that help restaurants place their orders with Whatsapp and email, saving valuable time for these businesses. Distributors have fewer errors in their orders while saving money and increasing cross-selling to their customers.

Yo Compro Sano

In the current industrial food production and distribution system there is almost no room for people to buy fresh, organic and local food at a competitive price directly from farmers.

Yo Compro Sano is the first food marketplace of its kind in Spain that allows people to create, manage and organize open food communities. Build on the collaborative consumption principles, Yo Compro Sano empowers peer-to-peer relationship between Farmers and Consumers to create an alternative to the current industrial food distribution system. There is no obligation to purchase, products include 80% of the purchasing basket of any households, people can choose their food (no predefined baskets), there is no individual minimum purchase amount and there is no shipment cost as logistic is under the Farmers' responsibility.

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Juan López Santamaría

Investment Manager at Kibo Ventures. Focus on internet business, e-commerce, mobile apps, Big Data, Cloud Computing, security, payments.

Paula Almansa

Entrepreneur and business angel. Co-founder of Impact HUB Madrid and FromTheBench games, leading developer of sports manager applications. Associate professor of Negotiations and Conflict Resoution Abilities at IE

Federico Giacalone

Head chef at Westin Palace Madrid. Prior to that he was a kitchen chef in a Two Star Michelin restaurant Sergi Arola Gastro, in Madrid, and in the Michelin Star restaurant l'Birichin, Torino, Italy.


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Venture Network Verticals

Thursday, July 10th, 7-9pm

31 Calle de María de Molina

Madrid, Community of Madrid

María de Molina, 31 (Area 31)