By Weston Thompson

Over a million years ago, when the earth was very young, the son of a god was born. His name was Bombastor. Being the son of a god, he was one of the most powerful beings on earth of the time. He grew up like any other half-god would, very pampered and overfed. Of course gods and half-gods never grew to become fat, because they could easily change their physical appearance. Though when he became eighteen years old, it was revealed to him that he had extraordinary powers. Those abilities were passed down from his father, the god of danger. When he realized his powers, his father expected him to use them for the good of mankind, though after realizing the fear his power gave to humans, he used them for wicked uses.

The power that Bombastor had was the power of explosives, which is the reason the humans feared it so much. When he realized the humans didn't respect his abilities, he started blowing up forests for fun. If any mortal asked Bombastor to stop, they were killed, and if any god did, Ornorus (the god of danger) told them that it was against the code of a god to use godly powers to kill a mortal half-god. The people of earth got enraged by this. Lumberjacks and hunters were going broke because of the destruction of the forests, and everyone else had trouble sleeping because of the ringing sound of explosions. The people pleaded to the gods to stop Bombastor. Eventually, Aero, the god of wind, decided to fight for the humans.

Aero wasn’t allowed to use his godly powers to fight Bombastor, or else he would be erased from existence, so that wasn’t an option. He wasn’t able to fight Bombastor hand to hand because Bombastor was huge, so that wasn’t an option. The only option he had was to build a monster to fight him with. Aero was one of the highest gods in the universe, and gave a lot of respect to the humans, and even more respect to the gods. He had blonde hair, and orange eyes, the same as most gods. The orange eyes were a sign to a human that someone was a god, or black eyes to show if someone was a half god. Aero was one of the most intelligent of the gods, and could easily build the monster he was going to use against Bombastor.

Aero had spent twenty years building his beast, and he was just about ready to fight Bombastor. So, he gave his monster the breath of life. This was something only Aero could do, and by doing this, he could give anything on earth life. He could even give life to the stars. He could give life to anything in the cosmos, which was what made him one of the most powerful gods. His beast stood up, and got engulfed in a new substance Aero called fire. After seeing his beast burn up, he tested with fire. He discovered that fire wasn’t new, and had already been in the stars, though he brought fire to earth. He also learned that wood burned in fire, which is the reason his monster burned up.

He spent another seven years on the next model of his monster, which was made out of titanium steel. After experimenting with fire, he knew that this next model would not burn up, and would hold out until the battle with Bombastor. When he finished the next model, he gave it the breath of life. As he expected, it was fully functional, and didn’t fall apart. He named it, Pyroen.

Aero brought Pyroen into the half dead forest. “Bombastor!” he yelled out, “I have come to challenge you,”

Aero heard a low rumble, followed by the sounds of heavy stomping. He saw Bombastor walk out of a thick layer of fog as all of the living animals ran off into the forest, too scared to get near Bombastor. The earth shook at the steps of the beast, and as soon as Aero thought he was close enough to do danger to him, he shouted “Attack, Pyroen!”

Pyroen lunged at Bombastor, and used the flame canon installed on his left arm to engulf him in flames. Bombastor fought back and planted the special weapon he called a bombast to exploded and send Pyroen flying back into the forest. Another wave of bombasts were thrown at Pyroen though he easily evaded them. Pyroen’s flames didn’t allow him to hurt bombast from long distance, so Pyroen had to get close to Bombastor to strike an attack. Pyroen swiftly dodged another wave of bombasts and finished off Bombastor. Bombastor let out a loud shriek as he fell to the ground.

After a while, Aero gave fire to the people of earth. He also eventually developed lava which the people of earth used to create new lands. Aero had felt really good about fighting for the people who couldn’t defend against the half-god Bombastor. Pyroen was hidden from the people, and still hasn’t been found for a million years. Modern humans have used fire and explosives for many things, and have no idea about the long history of the two. Though after years of quarreling from the gods, they decided that using Pyroen against Bombastor was against god code and Aero was erased from existence, and never spoken about again.