There is light at the end of the tunnel......

Library Visits this Year

I am hoping to figure out a way to encourage more students to visit the library regularly next year. I am all too aware that classroom teachers have many challenges that make it difficult to give up precious instructional time. Think of the library as an extension of your classroom! I can offer lessons tailored to whatever you are teaching and students can check out books as well. It's a win win for everyone!

Literary Lunches Wrapping Up

We have had another great year of Literary Lunches. I have already had students who will return to Head next year ask me if they can do them again. The answer is a resounding YES! I am excited to draw in our new students next fall as well with encouragement from those who have participated already.

Battle of the Books

We have 2 student teams participating in the Head battles this year. I am disappointed that more students aren't participating, but we are going to give it our BEST shot. The schoolwide battle at Head is May 8th with the team selected going to the downtown library with Mrs. Kelley May 14th. The teams are largely composed of 6th graders with one 7th grader and one fifth grader. 6th GRADE ROCKS!


This continues through Friday May 8th. I am giving all ELA teachers a hard copy of the flyer as I don't think many parents are pulling it off the school e-newsletter. Please encourage your students to order their books from Head. It helps the library and they get them delivered the last week of school.

One Final Thing.....

The due date for all books will be Friday May 15th. The library will close that day until the end of the school year. Students will be allowed to return books but will not be able to check out anything after this date. Thanks for your help with this.