Updates from the World of PLEFdom!

Introducing the Lenovo Yoga 11e!

Exciting News!

Along with the excitement of ending an awesome year, your new devices are arriving as we speak! They will be distributed to you on Monday, June 13. We will have a device overview training of the device that begins at 10 am. All devices will be distributed to certified returning staff after the training. A more in-depth, virtual training is available starting Tuesday, June 6 for 0.6 technology CEUs. See the details below.

You will need to see me on Monday after 11 am to get your device if you do not attend our brief overview. We will distribute up until around 3 pm.

Lastly, in addition to checking out your device via Destiny, you will also be asked to complete a check-out form indicating your intention of returning to your school. If you are unsure if you are returning, there will be pick up dates at Washington Street Annex throughout the summer.

Need Tech CEUs? Want to learn more about the device on your own time?

Consider taking the in-depth online course for the Lenovo Yoga 11e device and Windows 10 training. This will be offered June 6 through December. Click the buttons below to 1) register via WisdomWhere and 2) self-enroll in the Canvas course.

This interactive course was designed with you in mind to be sure you feel comfortable with the device and the newer features of Windows 10 in order to transform learning in your classroom!

Ask your PLEF if you have additional questions.

Click Here to Register through Wisdom Where

Register for the course through the first link below via WisdomWhere. Then, click the second link to self-enroll in the course. Earn .6 Technology CEUS

Need More Information....

  1. Visit ple.gcsnc.com for additional information.
  2. Stay tuned for another email message from your PLEF, Domieka Cantey