The Taj Mahal

Also Known as the "Crown of Palaces"

Introducing you to the Taj Mahal

Picture this: a beautiful white marble building shining in the gleaming sunlight, lightining up the mesmorizing land of East India. The Taj Mahal stands on the Southern bank of Yamuna River in Arga.The Taj Mahal is the eighth wonder of our world Today. The image above was found from:

Construction Of what A masterpiece that the Taj Mahal is...

The Taj Mahal was built for Shah Jahan's wife, Mutmaz Mahal in her loving memory. The Taj Mahal is the greatest architectural achievement in the overall range of Islamic architecture. The precious and semi precious make it a monument apart. The Taj Mahal is exactly is exactly 58 feet in diameter and rises to a height of 213 feet.

Some Pictures To Show The Taj Mahal

Here is a picture of the Building in the gleaming morning sunkight

Taj Mahal Gardens

The Taj Mahal isn't only a beautiful building, the gardens are a wondrous masterpiece too. This amazing garden has a color combination to it: lush green, reddish pathways,and a crystal blue sky above. The "interlocking arabesque" concept was used in this masterpiece of a garden.

The World's busiest tomb

The Taj Mahal is by far the world's busiest tomb, not only is it a mausoleum it's a mosque and a great house too, up to 60,000 people pack into the Taj Mahal a dayyyyy!!!!! The changing colors of the building are supposed to represent the changing moods of a woman: pink at dawn and dusk, dazzling white at noon, and pearly silver by moonlight. Shah Jahan also rests now with his beloved wife in the Taj Mahal.

An Amazing Journey learning about the Taj Mahal Coming to an End

So the Taj Mahal in my opinion is the most amazing building by far.Now, you may look at it differently instead of only an amazing, beautifully constructed building, remember the amazing story it has to offer, the reasons it was built, how important that it is.The Taj Majal is not only what people say to be the eighth wonder of the world, it is one of the most wondrous buildings in our World Today.