Rosebud Cardboard Carnival


Can That Cardboard Box Fit On The Bus?

The time is here, where you finally see the innovations of your students. These young women have worked really hard inventing games, exhibits, photo booths and costumes out of cardboard.

Thanks to Caine's Arcades, The Imagination Foundation, and BoxTrolls, YWCPA is participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge. These young inventors will be showcasing their inventions on Friday, October 10, 2014. Sign up with Sign Up Genius for designated at time you and your class would like to stop by to visit, play, and win prizes!

Rosebud Cardboard Carnival

Friday, Oct. 10th, 8:30am

1906 Cleburne St

Houston, TX

Carnival Fairgrounds (In the Library)

We Are the ByeMsMooreCo.

Here we take ideas, blow a little fairy dust, add some elbow grease and... BAM! INNOVATION!