Mr. Huelsman's Weekly Update

March 14, 20016

Good Monday Afternoon

Good Monday evening. I hope all is well. This week in science we are finishing the "Cell Biology and Disease" unit. Next Wednesday will be the end of unit test. Students should start preparing for the test this week.

Below is the schedule for this upcoming week and some other announcements. Take care.

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Cell Biology and Disease End of Unit Test

The test is scheduled for next Wednesday. Students can prepare for the test by:

  • Quizlet vocabulary review
  • Re-read classroom readings and review worksheets
  • Look through and review labs using science notebook
  • Practicing parts of the animal and plant cell posted in Google Classroom
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Classroom Tentative Weekly Schedule

Monday 03/14/16: Read "The Cell In Its Environment". Worksheet due Tuesday. Work on "Cell Analogy" assignment due on Tuesday.

Homework: Study log. Finish "Cell Analogy".

Tuesday 03/15/16: Go over "The Cell In Its Environment". Complete Activity #41 "A Cell So Small".

Homework: "Cell Biology and Disease" crossword puzzle (due Friday). Study log.

Wednesday 03/16/16: An egg as a cell lab demo.

Homework: "Cell Biology and Disease" review crossword puzzle. Study log.

Thursday 03/17/16: "Cell Division" reading and worksheet.

Homework: "Cell Biology and Disease" review crossword puzzle. Study log.

Friday 03/18/16: Students will turn in crossword puzzle. Go over "Cell Division" reading and worksheet in class.

Homework: Study log. Have a safe and fun weekend.