Windows Magnifier

Make things on your screen appear bigger with Magnifier

The Magnifier by Windows

Magnifier enlarges portions of the screen making it easier to view text and images and see the whole screen more easily. Magnifier in Windows 7 now includes full-screen mode, lens mode, and docked mode.

The magnification quality is improved and you can set the magnification level up to 16 times the original size and choose to track what you magnify by movement of your mouse, the keyboard, or text editing.

How To Guide!

The online video and how-to guide for Magnifier in Windows 7 shows how to:

  • Choose where Magnifier focuses so that it follows the movement of the mouse cursor, keyboard focus, or text editing
  • Change the zoom level
  • Set the zoom increment
  • Set the lens size
  • Turn on color inversion for better screen legibility
  • Display the Magnifier toolbar