3rd six weeks homework

Cade Laude

5 W's

Who: Who did it

What: What happened

When: When did it happen

Where: Where did it happen

Why: Why did it happen

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To brainstorm use something to make ideas. You could use the 5 w 's or make an outline.

Plot development

The events that make a story. Ex. Intro, climax, and resolution
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sensory langauge

Words that the author uses to describe an object in detail. Uses the five senses Smell, Touch, Taste, Hear, and See


What the author wants you to feel at that moment. Like if they want you to feel happy, angry, or sad they will use words to make you feel those ways.

point of view

There are different point of views like first person is told by a person in the story. First person can use the words I and me. Third person is told by someone outside of the story.


A paragraph or sentence that gets the reader interested in the story


Characters are the people or other things in the story.
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The place and time the story takes place the pictures below are all different settings