Help the Cancer Council

What would happen if you change risking lives?

How does the charity help?

The charity helps by donating money to people that have cancer. They have fundraisings , gifts shops and other special ocations.

How can people help this charity?

People can help this charity by participating in fundrasings, campagins , activites and buying from gift shops .

What is the Cancer Councils latest project?

The cancer councils new project that they are working on is New position statement on alertive and complementary therapies.

Interesting Facts!

1. Did you know the cancer council achully takes care of every type of cancer in the world?

2. In Australia the cancer council in 2012 had raised more then $44 million to people who have cancer.

3. One third of cancer deaths in Australia are caused by prevntable risk factors.

4. Cancer Council raised more than $50 million to cancer resherches