Certain percents

Pick your price


Commission is a percent that a person gets from making a sale like selling a house,car, and make up. Most people in these company's or line of work make almost if not all their money on commission. Even though commission is a low 6% when you're selling things for tens of thousands of dollars.

A house for sale for $200,000.00 commission is 12000


Did you know that tax is on every thing you buy? See tax is a certain percent of your total bill. But income tax is the percent of your yearly income that the state takes. Also the state can choose to what to do with the money. Now some thing about tips, did you know that some dinners put tax on your bill automatically? Most people don't like this and can't do any thing about it. Also you should give 20% of your total bill, but most Americans tip at least 12% and a maximum of 20%. Tax can also be on a shopping bill, for places like macys, Dillard's, ect. So when you're buying clothing you better factor taxes.(and don't forget to tip your waiters)

If a shirt costs $20.00 then you pay $21.35

Mark ups and discounts

When talking about mark ups and discounts supply and demand laws come into effect. A mark up is when there is too much demand and not enough supply, so the suppling company marks up the price. But when talking about discounts it's just the opposite, see a discount is when there is too much supply and not enough demand so the suppling company gives a discount. See they do this because supply and demand laws require supply and demand to be at a stale mate. So if one shifts they have to try to make the other shift with it. So Remember to buy while it's cheep but not too fast.