Formative Assessment--Remixed

The power of Visible Thinking and Effective Questioning

What is the vision we have for our students?

  • What is the end we have in mind?
  • Vision for student learning.
  • What does student thinking look like?

*Graphic from Mercedes-Benz

How do we get there?

  • Frame Quality Questions
  • Strengthen Student Thinking
  • Use Formative Feedback
  • Promote Response-ability
  • Nurture a Culture of Thinking

*From Thinking Through Quality Questioning: Deepening Student Engagement by Jackie Acree Walsh & Beth Dankert Sattes

*Graphic from Plugusin

Make Thinking Visible

What does visible thinking mean to you?

1. Go to (open in new tab)

2. Room ID: 50853

*iPad Photo Courtesy of Kevin Honeycutt

Step 1: Get your graphics in line

Start with a student drawing, image, picture, graphic, or other piece of visual content. Use tools to edit, enhance, engage, enlighten, encourage, empower....ok out of e's. You get the point.

Time To Play

Step 2: Add a layer of Awesome

Time to play

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