By: Liam


Deceit is black

It tastes like dirt

It smells like burnt tires

And reminds me of evil

It sounds like laughing

Deceit makes me feel like mud on the bottom of someone's shoe


Happiness is yellow

It tastes like freshly baked cookies

It smells like detergent

And reminds me of nice summer’s day

It sounds like laughter

Happiness makes me feel like i’m doing something nice

Thank you for calling

Do you remember the moment when your computer was having troubles and tried to fix it but it just made it worse. But it ends up making a strange noise that you’ve never heard before as if it was laughing at you because now you have to call tech support. Yes I said it the long line of callers that never seems to end. You dial the number of no return you hear it ring once then twice and then you hear the song that there be playing at your funeral because you just entered the abyss. I bet you know what i’m talking about the music that makes you want to dance has now caught you in it’s trance this it theres no going back. You finally hear the famous words

“Thank you for calling tech support how may i help you?”

You tell them what’s wrong but in the background you can hear talking laughing and you wonder why they get payed the money that they do. they tell you the most simplest advice that even a cat could come up with. You say your goodbyes, hang up,and do as you are told like a being asked to clean his room. For the rest of the night you’re laying up in bed thinking

“I knew that.”
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