Integrating Technology

Your assigned Technology Teks:

7th & 8th Grade:

STRAND #3. Research and Information Fluency

The student acquires, analyzes, and manages content from digital resources. The student is expected to:

· 3a. create a research plan to guide inquiry;

· 3b. plan, use, and evaluate various search strategies, including keyword(s) and Boolean operators;

· 3c. select and evaluate various types of digital resources for accuracy and validity;

· 3d. process data and communicate results.

7th Grade

STRAND #6Liii Create and edit files with productivity tools, including:

iii. a database by manipulating components such as defining fields, entering data, and designing layouts appropriate for reporting

8th Grade

Strand #6Li Create and edit files with productivity tools, including: i. a word processing document using digital typography standards such as page layout, font formatting, paragraph formatting, and list attributes

Please document your technology teks in Eduphoria:Forethought


Technology Staff Development

Technology Staff Development