The Eagle and The Frog

Life Lesson: No One is Perfect

One day out to the lake the Eagle came down to get so very yummy fish. So once the Eagle came down it didn't get a fish it got a frog. So once the eagle got back to it's nest it noticed it got a frog instead of a fish. But then when the eagle noticed he was mad but at the same time confused so the eagle said, "Hey what are you doing and were Is MY FISH!" Then Frog was mad also now and said, "What am i doing your the one who got me with that SMALL HEAD OF YOURS!" But the eagle got even more mad and said "Well look at you your as slimy as a well nothing cause your are SUPER SLIMY!" Then the frog started yelling at the eagle back and said "Well look at you, you got no arms just 2 feet and a beak!" Then the eagle started braking up and laughing like crazy, and he said "Well it looks like we both have our differences have no arms and a small head, and while you are super slimy and your hands are also kinda do not have any fingers." But then the frog said "hey i guess your right well i guess i should go now cause i think now i am getting pretty hungry now." Then the eagle tossed frog back in the water and they then lived happily ever after.