12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!

Day Four Winner

It never hurts to take a little time to brush up on basic skills.... I love the amazing training resources we have at our disposal, 24/7. Time with Danielle is time well spent!! The takeaways posted from watching the videos were fantastic reminders for all of us. Day Four Winner is: LAUREN TRAIN!! Business building gift- 250 labels for Look Books!!


It's the weekend!!! We will combine two days of challenges to cover the whole weekend, winners announced Monday.

Aside from having trunk shows, what can YOU do on the weekends to move your business forward? Most stylists aren't able (or don't want) to keep regular office hours over the weekend with all the commitments we have in life. Weekends tend to be filled up with activities, social events, traveling, etc. These are great opportunities for you to network, show off your jewelry and to have real conversations with real people about hosting and becoming a stylist. The best way to take advantage of the opportunities you have is to BE PREPARED.


Part I- Distribute 10 mini lookbooks to 10 individuals while you are out and about this weekend (try 5 a day). Perhaps it's someone who compliments your jewelry when you're shopping at the mall, or someone you see who looks stylish.... or an old friend you run into at the football game who asks you about S&D... or your friend's husband who still need to do his Christmas shopping for the women in his life... or the check-out lady at Publix who loves your earrings.... the possibilities are endless!! Distribute 10 and submit your results to katy.b.barnes@gmail.com with WEEKEND CHALLENGE as the subject.

Part II-

Collect contact information for each mini lookbook you distribute so you can follow up on Monday! Chances are, if you give someone a Look Book without collecting their contact info, you'll never hear from them again! Collecting a way to get in touch with them leaves you with the ball in YOUR court!! The best is getting a phone number, then e-mail and/or mailing address. There are some training tips below on how to do this.

For each contact's name you get, you get an entry for Part II of the challenge!

Submit each contact your acquire to katy.b.barnes@gmail.com with WEEKEND CHALLENGE as the subject.


A great idea is to carry a small bag containing a handful of your labeled mini look books, a couple of pens, and a small notebook. You can transfer this bag from purse to purse so that it's always ready to go! The notebook is a way for you to have an immediate spot to collect the contact information of the person you meet. Alternatively, some stylists put a post it note on each mini look book so they can write the info there- they keep the post-it and give the mini look book away.

The other part of being prepared is to spend a few minutes creating your 30 second commercial. I asked Star Stylist, Alissa Turnbull, to share her's with us. A while back, Alissa had decided she was ready to ramp up her business. Problem was, she had few trunk shows on the calendar and was hitting a dead end trying to book with people she knew. She was working from home and had little contact with the outside world on a daily basis. So, we challenged her to get dressed, put on her jewels and go out and meet people!!! She was trying to make money, not spend it, so she would go shopping with the intention of meeting people. It worked!! After a few weeks, she had made a ton of contacts and was following up. She ended up booking a number of shows and it gave her the confidence to talk about her business without worry. It also helped her to take her business outside of friends and family, which essential for long term success.

From Alissa:

One of my favorite parts of my job with Stella and Dot is the irresistible jewelry and the reaction you get when you wear your pieces in public. I have had more fun and success booking with strangers on the go!

I have perfected my elevator speech and always make sure to hand out a mini lookbook and get contact info in return to follow up with a mailed lookbook and then a phone call.

My elevator speech says something like this, "Oh thank you, this necklace is from Stella and Dot, have you ever heard of us? (Answer varies if they say yes or no- be prepared for either)

Small talk, then, I have a website… Let me give you this Mini Look Book with my contact info.

I’m Alisssa, by the way. Nice to meet you! I tell them I'm happy to send them a full Look Book so that I can get their contact info. Always try to get a phone# too!!

Small talk ensues, but I make sure to share how affordable our line is, and there’s really something there for every occasion and every one.

If she's not familiar with a trunk show, I tell her it’s what I do as a Stella & Dot Stylist. It’s even more fun to shop with your friends. I can bring the jewelry over to your house and your friends can stop by and shop! Of course, I can always order this necklace for you now, too, if you just can’t wait! But it's a blast to browse with friends, and my Hostesses end up earning tons of jewelry free and shop at half off!

I'm always sure to get a phone number, address and email! email is important because you can add them to your contacts and they can receive the corporate emails too.

Then I mail a look book and follow up with a phone call! I have booked a handful of trunk shows this way! It's a great way to get out of friends and family!

Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team