History/Social Science Communiqué

Volume 2, Issue 5, December 12, 2014

Updates/ Announcements

Instructional Guides:

  • Updated Sem 2 Instructional Guides are on Canvas, here. Final drafts of middle school courses will be posted by the end of next week.

Final Exams:

  • Teachers will be administering new final exams for WC-7, USH-8, WH-10, and USH-11. As you probably already know, all finals will be given in hard-copy format, utilizing Data Director scantrons. A class set will be provided to you. If you would like your students to have the opportunity to annotate texts, you may choose to make additional copies. Please keep exam materials as secure as possible. We want to utilize good test questions again next year.
  • If your students are having issues making out the visuals, please project the images we have copied to the Canvas course here. (Look under the Tested Column). Fundamentals courses have posted images to the R & E Canvas course.
  • World Geography, Government, and Economics PLCs will not administer old, outdated finals. Instead, please submit one PLC-created final exam to your site-curriculum specialist by the end of the semester.
  • Teachers are welcome to email any and all feedback re: finals to Kelly Leon (HS courses) and Olga Loya-Estrada (MS courses). Each year we can continue to make these teacher-generated finals better and better! Thank you to all the PLCs who helped with this process.
  • Lastly, when scanning scantrons into Data Director, please make sure you follow these instructions to ensure the scanner picks up the multiple-response answers (Perhaps, have your testing administrators do this in advance of finals.)


    -Open data scanner

    -Instead of logging in, select CANCEL

    -Select FILE


    -Select OTHERS


    -Select SAVE

    -Now you can log in and scan

    -Keep in mind these settings will be saved (for everyone using that scanner) until you go back and “uncheck” that box.

AP Course Updates:

  • AP Teachers in all courses will be given 3 hours to collaborate on January 12th with teachers throughout the district. You should have received an email with the location for your meeting.

History/Social Science Contacts

Middle School Curriculum Specialist:

Olga Loya-Estrada

High School Curriculum Specialist:

Kelly León

Lead Curriculum Specialist:

Katrine Czajkowski

Special Services H/SS Support:

Shiela Fernandez

English Learners:

Rebecca Robinson

Teacher Q & A

Who do I contact if I have a suggestion, comment, or question for the H/SS Communiqué?

Kelly Leon- kelly.leon@sweetwaterschools.org