aerospace engineer

Sal Morello

Job description

An aerospace, or aeronautical engineer applies scientific and technological principles to research, design, develop, maintain and test the performance of civil and military aircraft, missiles, weapons systems, satellites, and space vehicles.


Aerospace engineers in the U.S. averaged $103,870 per year or $49.94 per hour.

Education Requirements

A division of aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering focuses on applying physics, mathematics to construct aircraft. Aeronautical engineers work to make sure propulsion systems operate efficiently and that aircraft's aerodynamic performance is sufficient. Aspiring aeronautical engineers should get their bachelor's degree in aeronautical or aerospace engineering.

Work Locations in the U.S.

Major employers of Aerospace Engineers include Lockheed Martin and Boeing Aircraft Company. They employ engineers in various states including California, Texas and Seattle.

Professional Development for this Career

The NBAA helps employees prepare business aviation professionals for management roles within the industry by holding seminars and training.

Interesting facts about this Career

I think it's cool that you get to design and test cutting edge military aerospace vehicles. It's fun to see your project published and tested.

Other Information

As an Aerospace Engineer, you're working with material that you need to invent on the spot.