The Doolittle Raid

This was the first U.S. bombing attack on japan in WW2

Goals of raid

The April 1942 air attack on Japan, launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet and led by Lieutenant Colonel James H.Doolittle, was the most risky operation yet taken by the United States in the young Pacific War. This would be the diversion that would also boost American and allied morale, the raid generated strategic benefits that far outweighed its limited goals.

The Doolittle Raid

Saturday, April 18th 1942 at 8:45am

Tokyo, Japan


Nations included

* America: the bombers

* Japan: the payback of pearl harbor

* China: for a landing for U.S. planes to land

People involved

* James H. Doolittle: The head general also a fighter in WW1

* Ernest J. King: The Fleet admiral also fought in WW1

* Marc A. Mitscher: Another Fleet Admiral Graduated from U.S. Naval school


The strategy was to get as low as possible as fast as possible because the shooting ranges wasn't as good as it is now a days.


The outcome of the Doolittle Raid was really good because it really boosted the american military and gave a big downfall for the Japanese losing a lot of citizens .

Long lasting Impact of battle

This Battle was a really big impact in my eyes and the U.S. military's eyes Because it made a really good morale on the war which it did.It gave the Japanese a back fall making it a great impact for the U.S. military