Dangers Of Cigarettes


Smoking can be very harmful to our body. Smoking for many years can give you cancer, or lead to death. Here are some reasons smoking will be harmful


Cigarettes are mostly made up of carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer. By smoking a cigarette you are putting these carcinogens into your body , which can soon grow into cancer and you can have a risk of dying.


Emphysema is caused when you have been smoking for years.It does not develop suddenly , but over a longer course of years. Emphysema is when the tiny sacs in the lungs loose their elasticity causing difficulty breathing. This is a irreversible condition. 94% of Americans 45 or older have emphysema. You can be the smoker or second hand smoker and still be able to catch emphysema.

Carbon Monoxide (silent killer)

Carbon Monoxide , know as the silent killer. Colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is a poison in cigarettes. When carbon monoxide is in your body it blocks bloods ability to carry oxygen to your cells. It can be harmful and or kill you at any dose. Long term at lower levels can lead to heart disease.


Acetone is yet another poison in a cigarette. Acetone is used in nail polish remover. When it gets into your body it slowly kills you. Everytime you smoke, more and more get into your body, slowly killing you from the inside.
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Polonium is very radio active. It is used in making nuclear bombs. It is also used in cigarettes. Polonium can hurt your body everytime you smoke , as more gets into your body by every puff you take.


Another poison used in making cigarettes. Lead is a heavy metal that is very harmful in high doses. When you smoke lead gets into your body , as you smoke longer over the years more lead gets into your body , which when to much is in your body , it can kill you.

Circulation Decrease

When smoking , it can cause your circulation in your blood flow to decrease. This may cause a smoker to be cold. Decreasing your blood flow means not enough blood and oxygen is going through out your body and through your heart. This can be harmful if it continues to decrease.


Atherosclerosis is plaque build up in the arteries inside the heart. When too much builds up, this may lead to a heart attack or stroke. Heart attacks and strokes are very harmful , which may even lead to death.
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