The First American Disc Jockey

The world's first wild dj

My Topic

The topic I chose is The First American Disc Jockey. The reason I chose this topic is because these days we are all on our iPods,phones,tablets,and computers. We all like to listen to music and watch music videos. That is why I chose this topic,to see what first started the hip hop,pop,and rap music that we all listen and like today.


1- Who was the first American disc jockey?

2- Who did he first played for?

3- What was his disc jockey nickname?

4- When did he first gain national attention?

5- When he did make his first public appearance?

Fun Facts

  • Dick Biondi's birth name is Richard O. Biondi.
  • Dick B. was born on September 13, 1932 in Endicott, New York.
  • Dick B. is an American Top 40 disc jockey as well as one of the top oldies disc jockey.
  • He introduced The Beatles and the Rolling Stones when they performed at the Hollywood Bowl concerts.
  • Also Known as one of the original " Screamers" for his screaming deliveries and wild antics on and off the air.


Some similarities between today and back then are the way both generations share the same passion for music and the way that they want their listeners to feel when they hear the music. They also want to send a message to their fans sometimes by playing different music to match different people's days and moods.


There are plenty differences between then and now. The sad thing about it is that most of the differences we have today are negative. Sometimes some people wish that other individuals could go back to a time when people were not always listening to bad music and didn't care what people thought of what music you liked or how they danced, they were people who didn't care how many people thought they were weird. They were having fun and living life the way they wanted to and that's what was important.
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