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Dear Homeschool Family,

There are some pretty exciting things going on here in the Pacific Northwest, and I wanted to share them with you.

As the original creator and producer of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures, it has been my privilege and passion to be involved in training homeschool students in the craft of making audio dramas. Many of them gained experience as writers, recording engineers, dialogue editors, actors, sound designers, and producers.

Now we are moving our ministry to the Pacific Northwest, and I wanted to share some exciting opportunities with you.

We have teamed-up with the Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center in Vancouver, WA to build a media center dedicated to training homeschoolers in media production, and giving them real-life opportunities to work with other Christian ministries. Our goal is to help your homeschoolers discover their talents, and fall in love with using them for the Lord!

Watch our announcement on YouTube

One of our first events is a Composer Workshop with Conner Savoca on October 19th at 7:00pm. Conner is a homeschooler who has already worked for organizations like Lamp Lighter Ministries, Jonathan Park, Time Chroniclers, and several short feature movies. This FREE workshop will teach musicians and techies how to produce soundtracks for audio dramas, video, or any other project requiring a musical score. This workshop is free, but you must RSVP to attend.

Watch an interview with Conner

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The first opportunity for homeschoolers to begin their journey at the media center is by participating in our weekly story telling class. I will be taking my 15 years of experience in writing for Jonathan Park, and share what I’ve learned about building a story with an eternal message. Learn more...
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We do our best to raise our children to trust the Lord. However, what happens when they grow-up and head off to college? Studies show that MORE than 50% of Christians reject their faith by the time they finish college – and homeschoolers are not immune! These weekly classes are designed to give students a foundation in the scientific apologetics that will help them to stand strong when they face opposition. Thesy incorporate humor, interesting videos, and fun hands-on activities. Learn more...

Watch testimony of a class alumni.

Enjoy an excerpt from the class.

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As parents of homeschoolers, we want to raise-up students that will change the world for Christ. Being a passionate and effective communicator is a valuable tool for sharing eternal truths. In this class we will be teaching practical steps – from brainstorming to completed presentation. The skills they learn will also transfer to writing, media interviews, and every other form of communication. Learn more...
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Finally, we invite you to check out our new audio adventure, Time Chroniclers. This is a new, creation-based, family adventure designed to build the faith of your family You can check out the website:

Listen to the first episode on YouTube!

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Woo, you made it all the way through this long email! Hopefully you are encouraged by some exciting opportunities for your family. Would you also be willing to pass this info on to other families that you think would want to be involved?

If I can ever be of service, please call or email.

May the Lord continue to bless you as you raise your children to love God with all their heart!

Pat Roy

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