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September 2, 2020

Important New Updates! School Re-Entry Guidance and Updates for School Nutrition Programs

  • The Re-Entry Guidance Newsletter for schools from IDOE has been updated with new information and resources including new information from USDA.
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  • IDOE's webpage , which houses new resources from IDOE and USDA, has also been updated.
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Beginning of the Year FAQ

1. I submitted my CNPweb application a while ago, why hasn't it been approved?
  • First, take a look at your application to see if it says "Pending Submission," "Errors," or "Needs Correction" next to your sponsor or site sheets. If it does, then there are still steps you need to take to complete the application. If it says Pending Approval, then most likely we will be getting to your application soon. See CNPweb PY2021 Update below for more information. Check out the CNPweb Instructions to help explain the errors you might be getting.

2. My CNPweb application is not approved yet, but I need to enter my July claim for reimbursement. What if I miss my filing date?

  • As a reminder, sponsors have 60 calendar days after the last day of the month to submit their claim for reimbursement. For instance the claim for July must be submitted by Tuesday, September 29. If you are getting close to that date and still have not been approved, contact us using the CNPweb Help Form.

3. I want to order commodities, but my application in the purple puzzle piece still says "Pending Approval." What do I do?

  • Once sponsors are "Pending Approval," they are able to go into the into the Food Distribution Program (FDP) green puzzle piece and recertify with FDP. Sponsors do not have to be approved on the SNP (purple) side in order to complete anything on the FDP (green) side of the CNPweb.

4. If a family is on free from the previous year and then they re-apply the change is immediate, correct? There is no longer a 10 day grace period when benefits decrease, right?

  • Correct. As soon as you process a new application from a household, or find the student in Direct Certification, you will apply that new eligibility immediately. Send a letter home notifying them of this change. Only during the verification process will you provide a 10-day notification period before reducing or removing benefits. View the 30-Day Carryover Fact Sheet for more information.

5. A household submitted a case number on an application, but I could not find it in Direct Certification. So they need to provide an income application, correct?

  • As long as the case number meets at face value (ten digits beginning with a 10 or 60) and the application is complete, you should approve the application, and then verify it for cause. View the SNAP/TANF Application Fact Sheet for more guidance.

6. A household provided a valid looking case number and income on the application. I could not Direct Certify the case number, so do I use the income to determine eligibility?

  • No, as long as the case number meets face value (see question above) and the rest of the application is complete, you will approve the application based on face value due to the case number. You can then verify the application for cause. If the household cannot provide documentation that shows they are currently receiving SNAP or TANF, then they need to provide income documentation that can verify they meet the income guidelines.

7. A household says they have an out-of-state SNAP case number, how do I process their application?

  • Contact Allie Caito-Sipe at to determine if the out-of-state case number meets face value for that state. If it does, then you can approve the application, but it can always be verified for cause. Check out the Verification for Cause Fact Sheet.

8. When I ran a Direct Certification Lookup I found a student that has graduated, but I could not find his siblings who are still attending our school. Can I extend eligibility of this graduated student to the others in the household?

  • Yes, as long as the graduated student was Direct Certified due to SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid and he still lives in the same household as the other students, you can extend free or reduced eligibility. For more commonly asked questions, check out the Direct Certification FAQ.

9. If a student lives with their grandparents and not with their parents, should the application include the parent's or grandparent's information?

  • Approval of benefits is based on the household where the child resides. Even if the parents have full custody of the child, the income reported should be based on where the student actually lives. First though, double check with your school's homeless liaison to ensure this isn't a homeless situation. Check out Free and Reduced FAQ for additional commonly asked questions.

10. Can I use Direct Verification to certify/approve an application/student for free and reduced meals?

  • Direct Verification CANNOT be used to certify/approve an application/student. It can only be used to verify an application after the application has been approved for free or reduced benefits. Direct Certification can only be used to certify/approve a student for free or reduced benefits. Check out the Free and Reduced Information website for more information on Direct Certification and Direct Verification.

Contact Allie Caito-Sipe or your Field Specialist with any additional beginning of the year questions!

CNPweb PY2021 Update

  • We are still in the process of reviewing all sponsors' information within the CNPweb. This does take time as there are over 580 sponsors and only a few team members reviewing the applications.
A Few Reminders:
  • Please make sure your application is in "Pending Approval" status.
  • If the application is "Pending Submission," then make sure that you have submitted the starred forms on the packet tab and entered in the date you sent those to IDOE. Then, check the box on the packet tab page and click submit to send your application to "Pending Approval."
  • If the application says "Errors" or "Needs Correction," click Edit to view what those errors are and make the necessary changes.
  • Please note that once in "Pending Approval," the State Agency will reach with any questions or issues with the applications.
  • If you have any questions, please use the CNPweb Help Form.

Updated Food Safety Certification

Utilizing USDA Foods in a COVID-Curbside World Webinar

  • The American Commodity Distribution Association is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 16 at 2:00 EST about utilizing USDA Foods in meal service during COVID-19.
  • This webinar will cover the innovative ways school nutrition directors are planning their meal service and delivery options, unique ways for utilizing USDA Foods, and serving students in this COVID-Curbside world.
  • Click here for more information and to register.

Last Week to Register - Indiana School Nutrition Association (ISNA) Google Suite Virtual Workshop

  • Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about Google Suite, such Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Docs!
  • Participants will be guided through the workshop in a step-by-step manner with no risk to your own computer or the files within it!
  • More information including fees and registration can be found by clicking here.
  • Questions? Contact Jan Frost, ISNA Professional Development Coordinator, at

Indiana Department of Education - School and Community Nutrition

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