Midevil Leaders

Joan of Arc, WIlliam the Conqueror and King John.

Joan of Arc

Biographical Information

Jeanne D'Arc, also known as "Joan of Arc" or the "Maid of Orleans", was born in Domrémy, a small village in France. She was born a simple peasant; but, she rose to lead the French army against England at only 15 years of age.

Memorable Moments

In April of 1429 Joan and her army set out to rescue Orleans. In only 10 days they broke the seige and the English fled. May of the next year she was captured by the Burgundians who demanded a high ransom. Even though it was a large sum, the English were determined not to let the French get a hold of her again and received her from the Burgundians. She is heard several times saying this quote, "I'm not afraid... I was born to do this." Many historians believe she was clairvoyent, meaning she had knowledge of events happening in the future without the use of the five senses.


Joan traveled accross the English Channel at the age of 15 to lead her soldiers to victory after fighting the Battle of Hastings for 10 months. She is recognized as a symbol of French patriotism and became a Catholic saint. At the age of 19 she was captured and burned at the stake.