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Ways Businesses are Utilizing Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads have now been introduced and used in advertising to provide a unique way for businesses to promote their offering. Carousel ads also have proven to be much more efficient than the standard page post: "on average, it’ s driving 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion than single-image link ads." said Gina Lauber, Account Manager at Facebook.

All that being said, these Carousel ads are even more unique still in that they provide many different possible ways to connect with audiences.

Below are seven different ways in which Carousel ads have been used in a unique way:

Highlight a single product:
  • For those who may not sell that many products or only wish to promote on product, a Carousel ad may not seem like the right choice but one can use the 3 to 5 slides to highlight different features of one product in each of the individual slides.

Show People How to Use the Product:

  • Each of the slides can be used as a step by step instructional of how to use a certain product.

Provide a Tour of an App:

  • Carousel ads can provide a tour of a mobile app that can take an audience through how to do something or the different features provided within the app itself

Share Resources and Articles:

  • This is an approach for those clients who do not necessarily sell a product but provide a service for customers. These clients can use this type of ad to offer explanation of the benefits to their service/offering.

Tell a Story:

  • Telling an engaging story slide by slide about the lifestyle of a product. Making it less about the ad and more about what values the client wishes to promote.

Tell a Customers Story:

  • Focusing on the customer and telling their story through the slides to project how people use and engage with the product being promoted for more unique experience.

Product Catalogue:

  • Advertisers can use the Carousel ads to showcase parts of the overall catalogue of products that are provided by the client.

Source: Facebook for Business

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Facebook Lead Card Rollout

With this offering, the audience can now subscribe to receive more information from the advertiser and in turn it will then take them to a space to provide their information. Most of this form will populate with the info the user has already provided to Facebook and offer a more speedy way for them to request info.

What this means for the advertiser is that they now have "accurate, actionable info" that you may now use to reach them right back.

Now the advertiser can more effectively add these user to their CRM database and possibly allow for increased scale for direct response campaigns.

Source: Facebook for Business

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Conversion Lift Reports

Twitter has introduced the ability to request a study for incremental contribution of clicks which helps move away from the long standing last click attribution model.

These conversion lift reports are designed to provide a design to best assist in understanding the true effect of your ads.

How does this process work?

Glad you asked:

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Twitter will set up and randomly segment the potential audience into a test and control group. Then, they will test the conversion lift across the groups and aggregate this data into a report and deliver it to you.
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This is a concise view of how one can measure beyond the last click and identify what are the most meaningful clicks.

This can be requested by all eligible clients and all you need to get going is an upcoming campaign, cannot be currently live, and conversion tracking for lift on websites or mobile app conversions.

Contact your Twitter rep to find out if you are eligible and get started.

-Source: Twitter Blog

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