Water Cycle

By: Brisa Ojeda

What Is The Water Cycle...

The water cycle is were the water rotates between the ocean, atmosphere, and land. The water cycle involves transpiration condensation, precipitation, runoff, clouds, sun and infiltration.

What Part Does The SUN Play In The Water Cycle?

The Sun Helps the process of the water cycle by giving off radiant energy

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What Part Does the CLOUDS Play In The Water Cycle....

The Cloud Keep the process of the water cycle going while in the sky. Clouds are formed by tiny drops of water that turn into a water vapor. They water vapor then travels into the sky where the air becomes cooler. The water vapor becomes so cold that it starts to stick to dust.
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Evaporation is energy from the sun that heats the water, then the water molecules become active and rise.

Experiment of how evaporation can happen...

Evaporation - Elementary Science


After evaporation water changes from a vapor to a liquid in the clouds which becomes condinsation.


Once condensation happens water can release from clouds in form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or hail.
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After precipitation happens some water can fall on plants, and on the ground. When the water falls on the plants, the plants transfer the water from plants to the atmosphere.


Infiltration is the process by which the water on top of the ground enters into the soil.

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Run - Off

Usually when water does not transfer into the soil you will have a process called run off. Run-off is when water runs down from the rain to streams rivers , lakes , and oceans

This video can give you more details of both processes infiltration and run-off

Water Movement in Soil