Code Orange By Caroline B. Cooney

This Flyer is made By Kareena Bathija

The Beginning of Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney

The setting of this book is in New York City. The beginning of Code Orange is about a boy named Mitty and he doesn't like to read at all he had barley been in a library and he has to do a project and Mitty's teacher says you are not allowed to use the internet because you don't know if it fake or not. Lets see how Mitty can handle his problem without using the internet. I wish Mitty good luck to find a solution!


Mitty is a kind of guy who does his projects the nights before it's due . So Mitty picks up a book on smallpox and struggles on reading, but he doesn't know where this is going to lead him. One day Mitty is looking through old medical books and he finds an envelope with 2 scabs in it. For smallpox and he believes he might have it! Let's see where this is going to lead him in through out the story!

A little description of the characters of Code Orange



I think that the theme of this story is to take things seriously because you can never know when something bad will happen. In Mittys case the same thing happened you never know what can happen in life