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By Bailey Shelton, Mia Duffy, Emma Henderson

History of the Middleton Family:

Kate's mother founded a mail-order party goods company and became very rich. This is how her family became rich and started to move up the social ladder.


Kate's family members!

1.) Kate has two kids a boy and a girl named George and charlotte

3.) She got married to price william in 2011

4.) Her current age is 33 years old

5.) kate has two siblings a brother and a sister

6.) The couple live in Wales

7.) Kate had no relation to the Royal Family before Will

8.) She has one dog named Lupo


Why Kate Middleton is significant!

Kate is very significant because she is married to the second line of the british throne, which means that her husband with someday be head of England. Her role also does not have a time limit. Kate also is a role model for women all over the world. People strive to be like Kate Middleton and the royal family. She became famous because she married Prince William and gave birth to the 4th and 5th inline for the thrown. After Kate was married she was given the title the Duchess of Cambridge. She has also impacted fashion and design around the world.

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Kate Middleton facts!

1.) Kate was born in 1982

2.) Both Kate's parents are alive

3.) She has natural brown hair

4.) Kate was born in Reading, England

5.) Prince Will and Kate met at college and later at a charity event

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10 facts about Kate Middleton

  1. Her first home was in Chapel Row, which is near Newbury, Berkshire England
  2. She went to school at Down House all-girls boarding school, she then went to the University of St. Andrews Fife and met Prince William
  3. Kate Middleton has had a major impact on British and American fashion, called the "Kate Middleton effect"
  4. In 2012 she was selected as one of the "Most influential People in the World" by Time magazine
  5. In June 2003 Kate had graduated with an honors Bachelors degree in art history


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