What's Happening in the Bethel Learning Commons

Jumpin' January 2016

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Book Wars: The Reading Awakens

Students in first through fifth grades have been invited to participated in Bethel Book Wars: The Reading Awakens. Students will be reading books and taking Accelerated Reader tests. Every five AR points or tests passed brings each participant closer to the Reading Empire. Keep checking back for updates as the students join forces to read!

Grade levels will also be competing against each other. Show your support to the students on the following teams:

  • First Grade - C-3P0 & the Humanoid Robots
  • Second Grade - BB8 & the Droids
  • Third Grade - Chewbacca & the Wookiees
  • Fourth Grade - General Hux & the Stormtroopers
  • Fifth Grade - Kylo Ren & the First Order

Results for week 1 are in. View them at

May the Books be with You!

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PK Students Find Sno' Many Good Books

The students in Pre-K have been busy creating winter scenes after reading books about snow. The students enjoyed Froggy Gets Dressed and Thomas' Snow Suit. Students were then introduced to Ladybug Girl and discovered how Ladybug Girl made snow animals. Finally, the students found a fun way to make their own snow animals.

Research Rampage

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have been on a rampage to find information! You will not believe what they have discovered!


For the past fews week, the kindergarten students have been reading various alphabet books featuring the character, Bad Kitty. Bad Kitty wasn't always a bad kitty, as learned in the story, Bad Kitty, by Nick Bruel. Ask your child what happened to Bad Kitty that changed him in future stories, Bad Kitty at Christmas and more.

Students also learned about various features of ABC books and are now creating their own stories. They have been finding pictures of animals that start with each letter of the alphabet. Did you know that there are x-ray fish, quails, and umbrella birds?

The students are using their findings to create individual animal alphabet ebooks. They will continue to work on their books next month adding audio to their books. Keep watching for links to their final products.

First-Third Grades

Animal studies continue through the primary grades. Students in grades three through five are creating fiction/nonfiction combination animal ebooks. First, students chose an animal to study. Students then imagined a fictional event the animal would do and came up with a silly sentence, similar to the examples in Laura Numeroff's books, Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers or Chimps Don't Wear Sunglasses. Yes, this means parrots might wear tutus in an ambulance or meerkats might ice skate in haunted houses. After writing the fiction part of the story, students began researching actual facts about their chosen animals.

Check back for links to their final creations.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade classes are working on various projects according to how much snow days affected their schedule. Students in 4Dit and 4Dol are working on creating patchwork quilts that tell their life stories. The students first research historical events that happened on the same date as they day they were born. For example, on January 14, 1951, the NFL had its first Pro Bowl Game and on that same date in 1985, Martina Navratilova won her 100th tennis tournament. Ask your child what happened on his or her birthdate.
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