Welcome to Omaha Virtual School

Everything You Need to Know & Do For Back to School!

Greetings Learners and Learning Coaches

Welcome! We are so excited to welcome you and your learner join us for the 2021-22 school year!

The below information requires action by you to prepare for the school year, including making an account on K12 so your student has access to courses, picking your day to come in person (K-8th grade), selecting courses (high school), and most importantly, the schedule for the first week of school where in-person attendance is required.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to call 531-299-0269 or email us at virtualschool@ops.org. We are currently operating without a secretary, so please leave a message.

The best resource for you is our website. https://www.omahavirtualschool.org/

Families can get the answers to many of their questions, including K-8 course loads by grade, high school course catalog, the student handbook, links to the weekly newsletter, and more!

Setting up K12 Account

Action Needed Grades K-12!!!!

OVS uses K12 for our curriculum and content for the program. Soon, you will receive a registration email to the parent/guardian email listed in Infinite Campus.This email contains all of the information needed to complete the Account Setup process which will provide access to the Online School!

Please note: Sometimes these get directed to your SPAM folder.

  • The email will be sent from Registration@k12.com to the email address assigned to the person designated as the Learning Coach. Unless you contacted us with different information, this will go to the parent/guardian listed in Infinite Campus.
  • The subject line format will look like this: [Learning Coach’s Last Name] Family, “Welcome and Important Next Step”

In-Person Learning Schedules

K-8th grade In-Person Learning Day Selection -- ACTION NEEDED

Learners attend the same session per week, so they are able to establish friendships with their classmates. Please review the below session offerings to determine which is best for your learner. CLICK HERE to select the session your learner(s) will attend. Once a session is full, it will be closed, so be sure to sign-up early.

K-5th grade In-Person Session options (PICK ONE):

Mondays 8:50-11:55 AM

Tuesdays 1:00-4:05 PM

Wednesdays 8:50-11:55 AM

Thursdays 1:00-4:05 PM

6th-8th grade In-Person Session options (PICK ONE):

Tuesdays AM 7:40 AM-11:10 AM

Tuesdays PM 11:30 AM-3:05 PM

Thursdays AM 7:40 AM-11:10 AM

Thursdays PM 11:30 AM-3:05 PM

If you are looking to coordinate for carpooling with another family, please make those plans before you sign up for a day.

High School Schedule

High School learners attend a full-day session on the same day each week. Refer to the schedule below to know when your high school learner will attend class. Learners will bring their lunch or can order school lunch.

10th graders

  • Mondays 7:40 AM-3:05 PM

9th graders

  • Wednesdays 7:40 AM-3:05 PM

11th & 12th graders

  • Fridays 7:40 AM-3:05 PM

High School Course Selection

High School Action Needed!!!!

Our school counselor, Mrs. Kuhn, will be out on leave through first quarter. High school students need to review the course catalog below and choose elective courses using the Forms link below. Only request courses that apply to your learner's grade level, and be sure they meet the prerequisites for the course.

If you have specific questions, you can reach out to Dr. Loewenstein at wendy.loewenstein@ops.org.


Link to Course Catalog

Choose Courses Here

Device Information

Students will continue using their district issued iPads at OVS. If your student is new to the district, we will have iPads ready for them on their first day of school.

Insurance can be purchased for $20 at the beginning of the year to cover loss or theft. Apple Care will cover accidental damage up to two instances per year. You must contact the school right away if there is damage to your device. If you choose not to pay for insurance and the device is lost or stolen, you will be charged a fine for the full price of the iPad.

Accessories such as charging cord and keyboard are NOT included in Apple Care coverage or purchased coverage. The following is replacement pricing if you lose or damage those items.

Charging cable- $19

Charging block-$19


Suggested School Supplies

See the suggested school supply list below. If you need any materials provided for your learner(s) please let your teacher know.


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

For student use in classroom:

1-Pencil Box (for classroom use)

1-Box of 24 Crayons



4-black dry erase markers

1-pair of scissors


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

For student use in classroom:

1-Box of 24 Crayons


1-Small Bottle of glue


4-Wide ruled notebooks (blue, purple, green, and red)

1-Pencil Pouch (no boxes please)

4-black dry erase markers

1-pair of scissors

1-1.5" black 3 ring binder with pockets and a clear view spot on cover


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

1-package of cardstock, color or white (community use)

1- Wide Ruled Notebook (for classroom use)

6th-8th grade: Middle school--The below supplies are for individual learners to bring to class weekly, for in-class work.

1-Spiral notebook



Pens or Pencils

Pencil Box/Pouch

Post It Notes (standard size)

2-highlighers different colors

High School

Notebook and writing utensil for individual use

Composition notebook (wide or college ruled) for science courses

Omaha Virtual School

Mission: OVS is committed to empowering life-long learners by developing collaborative relationships. Within our community, we provide an innovative, personalized learning experience. Success in this mission will cultivate critical thinkers who have the tools to contribute to a changing global society.

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