Caring for teenage skin

Advice on caring and keeping your skin healthy

Dear Stephanie,

My name is Alyssa and I am 16 years old from Dallas , TX . The sun is always out here and I'm always outside. I started getting these Small red itchy pimples on my face and I even have a wart! I need your advice on how do I get rid of these fast?

Caring for teenage skin

Dear Alyssa,

We'll so if you have warts and pimple on your face to get rid of the pimples you need to, wash your face in a circular motion, using warm water , and mild soap. But whatever you do don't pop the pimple please avoid that also avoid touching your face with your fingers and other objects that may not be clean. Now with the wart there's basically nothing you can do to get rid of it cause they are just viruses and if you rub and pick at it it may cause new warts to form on your face or other parts of your body.

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